Will Safer Recruitment Training continue to be an essential part of the best practise in keeping children safe in schools and other child care settings?  The government’s consultation on this question produced these comments.


“The majority of respondents (69%) were against the proposal to remove the requirement for at least one member of a recruitment panel to have undertaken safer recruitment training approved by the Secretary of State.”

The arguments put forward for maintaining the current requirement were that retaining the regulation would help:

  • maintain consistency;
  • avoid complacency;
  • maintain high quality training;
  • heighten awareness of safeguarding issues when recruiting;
  • ensure that safer recruitment training takes place; and
  • ensure greater attention is paid to the recruitment process generally

Safer recruitment training is valued and the majority of responses said that safer recruitment training is essential.

Respondents noted that face-to-face training is often seen as better quality than the online training but there is room for both (e.g. responses from school governors suggest they find it easier to do the online training) and both methods need to be kept up to date.”

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