Independent Coffee House Owner

  1. You have a living toolbox full of valuable skills and experience – someone somewhere wants them.
  2. You’ve survived bossy bosses, boring jobs, filing, frustrating meetings, the colleague from hell, career hiccups, financial crises, sleepless nights …. running your own business will be a doddle.
  3. You can use your Oyster 60+ card or bus pass to get to client meetings and networking free!
  4. You have a lifetime’s worth of contacts, some in positions of influence. Now’s the time to call in those favours!
  5. You can shamelessly exploit your children’s ICT skills to set up your website and social media accounts, or to design your business cards and adverts. If they complain, remind them that you taught them to use the toilet.
  6. You get concessionary rates on events at the City Business Library and others!
  7. The internet means you can do business from anywhere, even with your feet up.
  8. Save on medical bills! Running a business will definitely keep you active, one of the few proven ways to help stave off age related decline.
  9. It’s a whole lot more fun than Bingo.
  10. Because if you’ve got an idea that won’t go away, you need to do something about it. No matter how old you are.

Whether you’re 60+, or just feel like it sometimes, if you’d like help turning your idea into a business get in touch. Our Business Brainstormer workshop is the ideal place to try out your ideas and think through all the options with a professional coach. If you decide to go for it, Business Companion will see you through the whole start up process. Get in touch – we love to talk start ups!  (And yes, we’re over 60!)