I’m puzzled by what seems a recent trend towards NOT having business cards, on the basis that ‘we all put contact details on our phones these days’! Well, yes but trying to navigate my phone, listen and type standing up in a noisy crowded room (usually one handed because I’m balancing a drink in the other!) is not my idea of fun!

Yes cards can be used badly. Yes you can end up with a pile in your drawer that you never look at. But used well they give you a chance to share not just your contact details but something of the style and ethos of your business.  A simple attractive design, a memorable phrase or picture – I’m much more likely to remember you from a card than if I just have your phone or email.

In Japan there is a complex ritual for exchanging business cards. A fascinating explanation can be found here: http://www.executive-impressions.com/blog/how-to-exchange-business-cards-in-japan-and-china but the main point is about mutual respect.  Having a card says to me you’ve taken trouble, you’re prepared, you understand that time and opportunities are valuable and there are other people in the room, you’re not imposing or making me do all the work.

So a brief shout out to Sharleen, Francesca, Marian, Aletia, Lee, IslaDez and Karen who DID have cards at Link4Growth recently.  Thanks guys much appreciated! Great people, great businesses – look them up.


business cards collage