I’m often reminding people to concentrate on their strengths when it comes to business, and to think outside the box, so I liked this recent quirky story of Nina Keneally  from New York who turned being a mum (or mom I should say as she’s from NYC) into a business.  At 63, Nina might have thought it was too late, or been tempted to just take it easy.  Instead in  textbook entrepreneurial style she considers her skills & experience, sees a customer need and matches the two up.  She’s also helping others and clearly enjoying her new role.  Perhaps it will lead to more appreciation of what ‘real’ mums do too!

I’ve seen comments suggesting she’s taking advantage and should do it for free, for ‘love’ . But this is an issue faced by anyone working in a caring profession.  Sure it’s good to have free befriending services etc but actually some people don’t want to be seen as ‘needy’, some people will use her service because they can pay. It preserves self respect and prevents people abusing her time and goodwill.

So seriously, if you’re bored with your day job and hanker after starting a business, don’t worry about what you can’t do, and don’t wait for someone else to make the opportunity. See what you’ve got already.

What is it you’re really good at? What do you love doing? What are you doing already that people say they appreciate? What would you do anyway, even if you weren’t paid for it?  Whatever it is, the chances are that someone somewhere needs it, wants it, and will pay for it.

Good luck to Nina for matching kindness with imagination and business good sense.  Whether it’s a quirky one-off or the start of a whole new career option for older people only time will tell!