bikeThe new bike has arrived!

This gorgeous addition to the family is the start of Phil’s serious prep for the Prudential 100 cycle ride in August. Of course just getting the bike won’t do it, there’s a lot of mileage building and training ahead if he’s going to enjoy the day as well as finish!

But it got me thinking about personal change and how people sometimes get discouraged and give up before they even start, when the only problem is they’re trying to make too big a jump! It would be like Phil getting straight on and trying to do 100 miles tomorrow – I think he’d be really discouraged!

So when you’re thinking about personal change or setting yourself a goal dream big by all means. But then – get into training! Make yourself a route map and plan the stages and timescale, break the journey down into smaller steps that are manageable.  Every small success will take you onwards and encourage you. Work out what is the smallest first step you can successfully take towards your goal and do that.  And then the next.  And the next …