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Monday 2 March

Before I Die… Candy Chang’s wall and other thoughts

In 2011 Artist Candy Chang turned an abandoned house in New Orleans into a giant chalkboard and invited passers-by to complete the sentence ‘Before I die I want to …..’ The answers covered the full range from comic to aspirational but even the comic ones, like ‘I want to be tried as a pirate’, reveal something of the writers’ genuine dreams and yearnings.


I had the privilege this week of attending a wonderful memorial service for an old friend. It was a genuine celebration of a life well lived. I was struck by how many people said ‘David would have loved it’ and I don’t think they meant just the selection of old hymns! He would have loved what people said and remembered – even though the memories weren’t all rosy! Our friend was not in the least famous but he influenced a huge number of people. He lived his life with firm purpose and put his energy into things that were genuinely important to him.

In the middle ages it was customary to include a ‘memento mori’ in a portrait painting – a skull or other symbol that was meant to remind the person of their mortality. They did it as a remedy against pride. Maybe we need something similar, like Candy Chang’s wall, to remedy our modern sins of apathy and ‘putting it off’.

So how would you complete that sentence? Whatever comes up, that’s your heart saying something to you. Goals and dreams – don’t ignore them, don’t put them off, don’t leave them till the time is ‘right’ – it may never be right. Our time here is limited and precious, we won’t get it again. Let’s really use it to the full.

You can hear more about Before I Die by Candy Chang in her TED talk here Before I Die

Tuesday 15 April

DBS – How much do you know? Half Day Briefing 30th April

On 1st December 2012, Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) merged to form the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) under the Freedoms Act 2012. As a result CRB Checks are now called DBS Checks.  This was much more than a change of names. Organisations working with children and young people and adults who may be  vulnerable will need to be clear on changing arrangements and obligations.

Did you know that…

* it is illegal to apply for a DBS Check unless the role is eligible for one.

* you have a duty to report volunteers to the DBS who are dismissed or removed from Regulated Activity (or would have been if the person had not already left) because they harmed or posed a risk to an individual.

* DBS checks are now portable (you can take them from job to job) for the first time.

A Half day Briefing could help you feel you are up to date on all the changes. Are you in Waltham Forest? Sign up for the session on 1pm   in Waltham Forest. Check details at or ring us directly.

Friday 5 April

5 New Financial Year Resolutions for Small Business Starters

accounts6th April and a new financial year – time to make some new year’s resolutions for your business?

If you run your business alone or part-time (alongside umpteen other responsibilities!) it’s horribly easy to lose track of your finances. Believe me – I’ve had my share of year end panic: turning out drawers to find lost receipts, racking my brains over mysterious entries on statements and unreadable cheque stubs!

So here are 5 financial resolutions I wish I’d kept better…

1. I will keep and organise ALL my receipts

Minimum solution: find a biscuit tin, label it 13-14 and throw them in there- at least they’ll all be in one place! If you aspire to a slightly more professional approach, log them at least once a month (see 4!), tick with a highlighter to remind you they’re logged, clip them in order and file.

2. I will log ALL my mileage

At 45p a car mile (or 20p if like Phil you cycle everywhere!) you’ll be amazed how it adds up! These days you can even get a mileage app to make your life easier.

3. I will send out my invoices promptly

It sounds ridiculous but starting out you can get so busy thinking about the next job (and maybe so excited about actually having customers at all!) that you don’t get around to sending your invoice for the last one. Make sure your invoice includes payment dates and methods – bank transfer if possible- and keep track of outstanding payments.

4. I will do my books at least once a month

Get an accounts package, download a free app, set up a simple spreadsheet – or do it the old fashioned way in a book, but set a time and do it.

5 I will schedule reminders for essential payment dates NOW

Companies House, HMRC, credit cards, banks: late payment = automatic fine, costly AND annoying! You’ve worked hard for your profit, don’t give it away through plain forgetfulness!

Are you running a small business? With the 2013-14 Tax Year starting this week, what new year resolutions would YOU add?

Sunday 31 March

Spring Relaunch

Crocus in MeadowWelcome to our new website!

We still have some work to do inside, but with Easter here and just the hint of spring in the air, it feels like the right time for a new beginning, so here we are.

Teleos is changing direction. After 12 years of working to develop organisations we’re increasingly finding ourselves working with individuals through coaching and career change. We’re seeing more and more people who want to work for themselves and we’re just loving the chance to help more baby businesses get off the ground! This year for the first time we’ll be running our own programme of courses and we’ll be expanding our successful programme of 1:1 workshops.

We’ll be putting details up over the next few weeks and writing more about what we do so, keep an eye on our blog and our new Facebook Page or contact us here.

Change your life. Build something new. Grow your organisation.

Phil and Barbara Miller
Teleos Training 2013