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Monday 21 April

Government Consultation Supports Safer Recruitment Training

Will Safer Recruitment Training continue to be an essential part of the best practise in keeping children safe in schools and other child care settings?  The government’s consultation on this question produced these comments.

“The majority of respondents (69%) were against the proposal to remove the requirement for at least one member of a recruitment panel to have undertaken safer recruitment training approved by the Secretary of State.”

The arguments put forward for maintaining the current requirement were that retaining the regulation would help:

  • maintain consistency;
  • avoid complacency;
  • maintain high quality training;
  • heighten awareness of safeguarding issues when recruiting;
  • ensure that safer recruitment training takes place; and
  • ensure greater attention is paid to the recruitment process generally

Safer recruitment training is valued and the majority of responses said that safer recruitment training is essential.

Respondents noted that face-to-face training is often seen as better quality than the online training but there is room for both (e.g. responses from school governors suggest they find it easier to do the online training) and both methods need to be kept up to date.”

Keep up to date with Safer Recruitment Training By Teleos Training!

Our next session for  Voluntary Action Waltham Forest takes place on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 – 09:30 – 4.30  see link below  for details or get in touch!


Thursday 2 May

Safeguarding Training

Congratulations to the volunteers from Noah’s Ark in Loughton who completed their basic Safeguarding Awareness training this weekend! Noah’s Ark is a toddler group  on the Oakwood Hill Estate in Debden run by volunteers from Restore Doxa Deo and other local churches. It regularly has over 30 toddlers and families attending. This was the first in our new series of Introduction to Safeguarding courses and we were delighted to work with such a fantastic group.

During the day  we explored situations which were familiar in a pre-school setting like:
– what type of risks in good practice can you take when parents and children are your friends?
– how do you build a culture where people are not fearful but still alert to possible concerns for children’s safety?

Basic Safeguarding Awareness training gives volunteers and staff the confidence that they are using best practice and about what to do in different situations, and    if you would like to attend one of our local workshops  please get in touch .  We can also bring customised training brought to your setting or

Monday 29 April

A day out in Spitalfields: Huguenots, history and home-made cake

sp 1Less than five minutes from the gleaming skyscrapers around Liverpool Street you walk straight into an 18th century time warp.

That Fournier St and Princelet St still exist is nothing short of miraculous.  The ancient closebuilt houses with their improbable wooden shutters, cobbled yards and weavers lofts are finally safe from the developers, having endured long enough to be fashionable again, though they are being prettied up at an alarming rate and risk losing their character yet.

Phil and I were there with a guide from the Huguenots of Spitalfields  festival to learn more about the Huguenot silkweavers who found refuge here after fleeing religious persecution in France. Up to 50,000 settled in London and the Spitalfields silk trade was a vital part of the East End economy for nearly 150 years. My own ancestors were among them and my great great grandfather was one of the last of the silk weavers. I remember my grandmother talking about ‘yoogenos’ and ‘Spitalfilled weavers’ long before I had a clue what the words meant.

The guide was excellent, explaining why the  silk weavers had settled there, how the trade had grown and the work organised and also how Londoners had reacted to the immigrants: on the one hand complaining that they were ‘stealing our jobs and houses’ but on the other hand eager to profit from the skills and business expertise that they brought. Anything sound familiar?? Also familiar was the story of economic shifts, new technology and the challenge of constantly changing legislation, with pay disputes, strikes and riots thrown in for good measure. London really has seen it all before!

We ended up with home made cakes and coffee in the basement kitchen of The Townhouse  a fascinating gallery /art and craft/ antiques/ tea shop definitely worth a visit!  Only open occasionally but again totally recommended is the unique museum house at 19 Princelet St  celebrating the many refugees and immigrants who have made the East End home over the centuries.

For many years my Huguenot ancestors were just an interesting fact of family history but as I get older and being in business myself I think about them in a different way.  What was it like to start out all over in a new country? You’ve left all the tools of your trade behind, maybe everything but the clothes on your back.  Your only assets are what you carry inside – your knowledge, your skills, a willingness to work hard and adapt, maybe an ability to see change as opportunity rather than disaster, a kind of can-do attitude and a hope for tomorrow. In today’s world of increasing change, and fewer economic certainties,  those assets are as valuable as ever.

Friday 12 April

Goodbye Barnabas Workshops

Very sad to hear of the closure of Barnabas Workshops in Ilford, after 17 years of helping over 3000 people into employment.  Sad at a great loss to local services and on a personal level too: our very first contract as a company in 2001 was to redesign the office space at Barnabas and run basic IT training for doctors new to the UK and we’ve been glad to stay in touch over the years. Their closure highlights the funding pressure many voluntary groups are under these days, at a time when we need them more than ever.

You did a great job guys, sorry to see you go.