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Are you stuck with your Coaching Qualification?

Coaching Companion gets you going again!

IMG_8820 (2)Do you wonder if you’ll ever get qualified?

I set up Coaching Companion because I met so many potentially great coaches who were stuck part way through their Coaching diploma. Are you one of them?? It’s like setting off on a car journey. You get off to a great start, loads of enthusiasm and then … something stalls and you’re stuck. It might be a family crisis, pressure of work, poor health, sometimes it’s about needing more structure on your course or more feedback or just struggling with the isolation of distance learning. You need roadside assistance! someone to help you get going and motivated to start again!

As an experienced vocational assesser and verifier with over 10 years of helping people through  qualifications, AND a qualified coach and business owner I’m in a unique position to help.  Coaching Companion is a personalised program of 1:1 tutorials, coaching and practical help, designed to get you qualifed and working with paying clients in the minimum time and with the minimum stress!

Or maybe you’re just getting started? Even better! I can help you get it right- right from the start! Where to find practice clients, how to write a coaching agreement, how to keep motivated with distance learning, how to write your learning journal….and of course setting up in business for yourself!  Your coaching qualification is a huge investment in time and money so make the best use of it. Remember the sooner you are qualified the sooner you can start taking on paying clients and building your business!

So how does it work??

Coaching Companion is basically a mix-and-match scheme, combining personal coaching with practical support. You purchase a block of hours (anything between 6 and 12) and then ‘spend’ them however you choose (see below for ideas!). You also get email support, personal reviews, access to a resource bank, plus bags and bags of encouragement, included free!

Here are some ideas of how you could use your sessions:

  • 1:1 tutorials
  • Feedback on your assignments and learning journals
  • Help with practice clients.
  • Personal coaching – experience model sessions yourself
  • Practice coaching sessions where I listen in (with your client’s approval of course!) and give you specific feedback and action points for improvement.
  • Accountability and help with structuring your learning.
  • Practical help and planning as you set up your coaching business.
  • Getting started on marketing, networking, social media etc

Enjoy your training more with a Coaching Companion!