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Business Companion Programme


IMG_8820 (2) Have you got a business idea you’d like to explore? Maybe you want to take your business in a new direction? Or maybe you’re completely new to running a business and finding it all a bit overwhelming? People are telling you to get onto social media, asking about your marketing strategy and business plan, and what do you charge??

As a Business Companion my job is to walk with you through those early stages as you think through your ideas, focus your vision, and decide on your goals. I can help you navigate the maze of options, act as a confidential sounding board and if needed offer practical help with marketing, social media, networking  and all the other infrastructure of modern business.  My only agenda is to make your business a success – and help you enjoy it!

Business Companion works by you purchasing a number of hours which you then ‘spend’ in whatever way works best for you. You can mix and match coaching, planning & brainstorming sessions, practical sessions, networking, whatever will help you best achieve your goal.

You could also try  ‘Business Brainstormer’  a 2 hour fixed price workshop which is great value at only £145. It works as a stand alone session but also a good introduction to the principles behind Business Companion.

NEW! To celebrate getting my DISC accreditation I’m offering  a free DISC personality assessment and report (normal cost £50) from now till Easter, for anyone signing up on Business Companion  for  6 hours or more. DISC is one of the most powerful tools available for understanding more about yourself, your motivations, strengths and working styles. Knowing your DISC style and those of others will help you understand better how to communicate and avoid  conflicts and misunderstandings, vital if you want to share your business vision with colleagues and clients. Contact me to learn more. disc