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Career Coaching

Because you’re good at a job doesn’t mean it’s good for you. If your job is leaving you stressed and dispirited maybe it’s time to think again! Perhaps there’s another job or even a whole new career where you could find fulfillment? Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed about setting up your own business?
Sometimes you can feel like you’re going round in circles trying to work out all the options and what might be best, and it can be hard to find someone to really talk to who is far enough outside the situation to see clearly. Of course it’s good to talk things through with family and friends but sometimes there’s too much history or too much at stake, too many other agendas!

"if you never try you'll never know" a cloud word on skyThis is where career coaching comes in- as a coach my only agenda is you and what will help you be fulfilled.   Coaching provides a safe place for you to think through all the possibilities and make sense of all the options, so whatever route you end up taking, you have confidence that it’s the right one for you. I don’t have the answers – but I can help you find yours! Our coaching sessions will help provide clarity as you work out what’s really important for your future and how to achieve it, plus support and accountability as you work towards it. Sessions fees are between £65 and £75 an hour depending on the package chosen, but it costs nothing to enquire! What’s your future worth??

Coaching is very flexible: sessions can be arranged face to face or by telephone and if appropriate I can also include experienced practical help with business start up or job applications (see below)

Personal Workshops

If you’ve previously had coaching, or you’re confident in your next career step and would simply like a practical ‘top up’ to get ready for your next job, then I also offer one off workshop sessions in a variety of topics to help you get the job you really want. Personal workshops cost £145 for 2 hours- some suggested topics are below but I’m happy to mix and match, please get in touch to discuss what would most help you.

CV review

This session will help you to verbalise your strengths and skills and learn your ‘key markers’ so you can focus your job search better.  We’ll look at how to do a ‘master CV’ but also how to customise your CV and how to make the most of your skills and experience for particular job roles.  Includes a professionally laid out CV completed after the session (you will need to supply an electronic draft) or for a CV from scratch please add £25.

Application Forms and Personal Statements

Just about every person I’ve met dreads that ‘personal statement’ space! Well I love the challenge!  I’ve got 15 years experience of reading personal statements and helping people write them to best advantage! This is a really practical session – bring along one or more real application forms to work through or I’ll find you some to practice on.  I’ll help you understand how an employer reads an application and show you how to best present your skills and experience and apply them to a particular job.

Interview preparation and practice

Another really practical session from an experienced interviewer. Practice answering the questions you don’t want to; learn how to tell your story and turn an interview into a conversation. How to look confident, present yourself to best advantage and connect with your interviewers. This can be usefully combined with presentation practice.

Presentation Practice

Going for a higher level interview? Work on that all important presentation with an experienced professional. Get friendly but professional feedback and practical help with screen tools, body language, voice, how to manage questions etc. Help with PowerPoint, Prezi etc.

Business brainstormer

Got an idea that won’t keep quiet??  You don’t know if it’s brilliant or crazy, but it won’t go away – sometimes you can feel you’re going round in circles thinking through all the pros and cons ..!  Come for a Brainstormer session! I love talking to people about their business ideas, especially helping solopreneurs get started, and I’m good at making sense of even vague ideas!  I will listen, take you seriously, encourage you,  help you get clarity and plan workable goals.